Raku e le sue avventure: gioco educativo per bambini


“Raku e le sue avventure” è un gioco educativo ed interattivo il cui scopo è quello di insegnare a bambini tra i 9 e gli 11 anni nuove nozioni in maniera semplice e divertente, impegnandoli mentalmente nel risolvere interessanti rompicapo. Lo scopo dell’applicazione è quello di facilitare la comprensione di basilari nozioni di storia e di concetti come le note musicali, i punti cardinali e il peso degli oggetti; di migliorare le abilità cognitive e la percezione dello spazio e delle dimensioni e di sollecitare il ragionamento.


Live an amazing adventure traveling in time with Raku and help him catch the villain who’s creating chaos in the timeline! Dive into the story and solve a series of challenging enigmas, concerning
music, space, mythology and so much more!


Raku’s Adventures is an educational and interactive game whose aim is to teach children between the age of 7 and 11 new notions in a simple and funny way, engaging mentally in solving interesting riddles.


The application’s purpose is to facilitate comprehension of basic notions of history and of concepts like musical notes, Cardinal Points and weight of objects; to improve cognitive abilities and the spatial and dimensions perception and to solicit thinking.


Launch into space and reorder planets thanks to Raku’s help, a playful raccoon with glasses; sail on Columbus, caravels and help him find the lost sea-lane, discover gravity with Newton, play along Mozart’s music sheets, escape the famous Minotaur finding the way out of the maze and relive the invention of the hot air balloon!


Each game is structured in 3 levels of increasing difficulty, studied to stimulate more and more curiosity and thinking abilities of kids; completing the easy mode, the next will be unlocked and so on, to test yourself never being bored.


New languages available!

TheAlpacas with Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer Apple. It was a great honor to present him our first educative app for children Raku’s Adventures soon on the App Store!
We are proud to announce that Raku’s Adventures is now available for download on the App Store! The app is in English, French and Italian. Have fun! Download

Raku Peluche Teddy Bear for all our fan and friends!

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