RÅGRUND photo by Ikea

Ikea Hack: The rise of the RÅGRUND toilet paper roll holder

IKEA items used:

Other materials and tools: 

Hack instructions:

I’m a tech addicted and electronic hobbyist, but this hack didn’t involved any futuristic technology.

I bought an Ikea toilet paper holder because my old one broken when fell from the wall and I choose the RÅGRUND for its wood look but after built following the instructions… I realized it’s very short (I want to use it from the floor) maybe in Sweden they put it on other furniture (idk).

Every time I need to reach the toilet paper I had to bend on my back to get what I need… seems near but it’s far down away when you can’t move or risk some back injuries (already hurting by working at desk entire day).

So I bought some (cheap) elegant natural wood feet for furniture matching the holder colors.

I reversed upside down the RÅGRUND and removed rubber feet revealing the holes

With my surprise (and luck) the hole matches perfectly the feet screws implanted in the wood. So I screwed the feet in place just by hand and hold tight so they don’t wobble.

The furniture feet already had holes for rubber feet so I used the removed rubber feet from RÅGRUND reusing and dont’ waste plastic.

I placed in my bathroom and here is the result, everything is taller by 20cm. Easy to reach for ladies and gentlemen.

How long and how much did it cost?

Less than 1 hour, the toilet paper holder costs 15€ + wood legs (13€)

What do you like most about the hack?

It doesn’t need any electrical tools and doesn’t look hacked

What was the hardest part about this hack?

Wait for delivery during lockdown 😛

What to pay special attention to?

Choose matching wood color when buy feet, anyway you can paint with your favorite color. I left natural wood.


Here just to share idea, all contributions are apprecieted on github project issues.

Soon on Ikeahackers (hope), very inspiring community.