GIT + GITFLOW: Share knowledge

Did you learn a very useful topic or framework on your own during the last challenge?

Probably someone else finds it useful too!

Don’t be shy and tell us about your findings! We’ll pick the most interesting topics and setup a 15 minutes lecture conducted by you.

Every team should have at least one candidate.

Here is an example!


  • Introduction
    • About Being Professional
    • What is Version Control?
    • Why Use a Version Control System?
    • Collaboration
    • Restoring Previous Versions
    • The Basic Workflow of Version Control
    • Starting with an Unversioned Project
    • Ignoring Files
    • Making Your First Commit
  • Branching & Merging
    • Branching can Change Your Life
    • Working in Contexts
    • A World Without Branches
    • Branches to the Rescue
    • Use Branches Extensively
    • Merging Changes
    • Integrating Branches, Not Individual Commits

Advanced Topics

  • Undoing Things
    • Undoing Local Changes
    • Undoing Committed Changes
  • Dealing with Merge Conflicts
    • You Cannot Break Things
    • How a Merge Conflict Occurs
    • How to Solve a Merge Conflict
    • How to Undo a Merge
  • Gitflow
    • Workflows with git-flow
    • What is git-flow?
    • Installing git-flow
    • Setting Up git-flow in a Project
    • Branching Model
    • Feature Development
    • Managing Releases
    • Hotfixes
    • Workflows: A Recap

Where to Go From Here?

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