The Tourist

The Tourist allows you to quickly find information on the place where you are. How many times did you need to find the restaurant where you were that night?

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The Tourist quickly identifies your position and lets you choose the pub, restaurant, or the nearest favorite attraction.No longer need to remember addresses or what to see in a city, take a picture, and when you come back, The Tourist will do the rest.

The Tourist shows you a complete list of all the activities previously filed with the distance from your current location.Each search allows you to see the location on a map, see the routeshare it with friends on Facebook or Twitter, or email it.

Fast, easy and accurate. The Tourist is the ideal friend for any trip.

GPS tagged photo – use geotag for save your place

Taking pictures with your iPhone, it automatically will save your location saving your time finding the right photo location.

Take a note – for the ultimate versatility

Typing the ‘Note’ field you are able to save some text such as the best meal or just some monument near you.

Near Location – the best, near you

Tapping ‘Near Me’ button you can filter all saved location, so you can see only something interesting near you.

UI & Sounds!

no more settings

Just take the picture, and enter the name. The Tourist will think about all the rest.

be cool

A lot of very cool sounds effects associated to some actions like ‘Park’ or take a note.

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