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Ever wanted to send a secret message to someone; a message that only they could see using a shared password? Everybody has a private side… PrivateNotes will help bring that side out in you, all with a fun, innovative, and beautiful design.

Use PrivateNotes to send a very secure password protected message to anyone using Email or web.

Only the correct password reveals the message

EncryptionAlgorithm – for the max security

PrivateNotes uses the most secure algorithm for the encryption of your messages.

Encryption is performed on the device. Passwords or un-encrypted messages never leave the device.

Email and Web – read your notes everywhere

PrivateNotes besides Email supporto provides a dedicated web interface for every web browser for reading notes easily everywhere.

Instruction list – we support you

Tapping ‘i’ button on the top right corner you can see a simple instructions list to follow.


UI & Sounds!

no more settings

Just ‘Encrypt’ action? PrivateNotes has one button to tap.

Just ‘Decrypt’ action? PrivateNotes has one button to tap.

Be cool!

A lot of very cool sounds effects associated to some actions like ‘Park’ or take a note.

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