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Lab Quality Control System

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Lab Quality Control System


Procedure for data development quality control in clinical laboratory analysis. Show results with Levey-Jennings chart by selecting the type of control, the analyte and Lot.

Quality control charts are used to record the results of measurements on control samples, to determine if there are systematic or random errors in the method being used. The most common type of chart is the Levey-Jennings chart.

There is a separate control chart for each method being monitored, and separate charts for normal and abnormal controls. The mean and standard deviation of the control being used is noted on the chart. These should be determined based on at least 20 measurements over 20 days.

Type in your result

The most easy way to add your daily result: type result number, choose a custom date or just leave it to today and confirm.

All in

All information about the control and daily result are on the same page. Every time you add a daily result, automatically all Stardard Deviation, mean and chart are calcolated, and updated.


When you complete your analisys, just print it and bring all your data on paper.


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